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Port Malayati

The 2004 tsunami hit the province of Aceh hard. Many people lost there lives and most of the infrastructure located in the impact zone was completely gone, including primary infrastructure like Port Malayati.

Port Malayati is the gate to the province capital city Banda Aceh. Therefore its restoration was crucial to the reconstruction of the province of Aceh, as the need for the import of relief goods and reconstruction materials was high.

Restoration plan

Witteveen+Bos made a port restoration plan, arranged financing for the rehabilitation of the port with the Dutch government (8.5 million euro) and assisted the contractor with the reconstruction works under a Design & Construct contract. As a subcontractor of PT Decorient Indonesia a jetty, a few buildings in the harbour and other port facilities were designed.

Special design

The design was made under a lot of time pressure, several months after the tsunami the port was fully operational again. The location of Port Malayati asked for a specific design, as it is an earthquake sensitive area. Low maintenance has been fully integrated in the design. The design makes it possible to adapt the jetty easily for future needs of bigger ships up to 10.000 DWT.