It was in 1946 that Prof. G.S. Bos (1908-2004) and engineer W.G. Witteveen (1891-1979) established an engineering and consultancy firm called 'Stedebouwkundig advies- en ingenieursbureau Witteveen en Bos c.i.' to work on urban planning.

From 1924 to 1945, Witteveen had worked in Rotterdam at different times as Head of Urban Expansion and Buildings, City Architect, Director of Urban Development, Director of the Municipal Engineering Department and Director of the Rotterdam City Planning Advisory Office.

After qualifying as a civil engineer at the Delft University of Technology, Bos spent four years working at the Amsterdam Public Works Department and six years at the municipality of Enschede. He produced a plan for Enschede’s sewer system and what at the time was the largest sewage treatment works in the Netherlands. The two men met each other rather by chance and they hit it off from the start.

One day someone advised Witteveen to meet with Bos, who was at that time attempting to start his own engineering firm. Bos always called it an incredible story: 'Half a day after this advice there was a meeting between the famous urban planner and a completely unknown civil engineer 17 years his younger. After talking after lunch for less than an hour, the decision was taken to enter into a partnership to establish an engineering firm for urban development and public works'.

The partnership contract was penned on just one sheet of A4 paper and survived until 1 January 1958 when Witteveen retired. Their successful association was built upon trust and reliability.

Witteveen+Bos is now one of the leading engineering firms in the Netherlands with a workforce of more than 1000. Witteveen+Bos is ready for the future and remains staunchly dedicated to its critical quality attributes: expert, reliable and committed. These are precisely the attributes that our founders cherished.

Witteveen+Bos Indonesia

The first contacts with Indonesia stem from the late 1970s, when Witteveen+Bos took over the NEDECO offices in Jakarta and start to work on its first Indonesian projects. One of our first projects in Indonesia was the design of the entrance to the port of Bengkulu in Southwest Sumatra. In the past three decades Witteveen+Bos Indonesia has developed from a small branch office with no experience in Indonesia into a serious business partner in Indonesia where local and international expertise is combined to meet the challenges of today.